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"Matuschke - der etwas andere Abend"

Statement (engl.)


We apologize unreservedly for the remarks made by presenter Matthias Matuschik in his live broadcast.

BAYERN 3 - Statement:

We apologize unreservedly for the remarks made by presenter Matthias Matuschik in his live broadcast.

His choice of words to comment on BTS were unacceptable. Both he himself and we at BAYERN 3 know that it is not enough to simply intend a different meaning. If statements are perceived by many people as offensive or racist, then they were.

However, we feel the need to stress that Matthias' social engagement to promote a peaceful togetherness among people (in Bavaria) is testament to his conviction that everyone must be treated equally - regardless of their nationality, culture, skin color, sexual orientation or religion. BAYERN 3 also expressly and resolutely distances itself from any form of racism, exclusion and discrimination.

In the meantime, the presenter and his family receive serious threats. We ask, despite every sympathy for the indignation, that the discussion must remain on a substantive level. We will work through the issue in more detail with Matthias and the entire team and ensure that such serious mistakes will not happen again in the future.

Matthias Matuschik - Statement:

I am deeply saddened about the reactions my comments in my live show have caused - and first of all: I am very sorry and I would like to unreservedly apologize.

In my presentation, I was primarily annoyed by the fact that the boy band BTS covered the song "Fix you" by Coldplay, which I hold in high esteem. The nationality of the seven boys should not matter - mentioning it and making the connection with a virus was completely out of line.

I have given this a lot of thought over the past few hours and understand and accept that my words racially offended many of you, especially the Asian community. That was never my intention, but I realize that, in the end, what matters is only how words are perceived - not how they were intended.

People who have known me for a while know that, in addition to my work as a radio DJ and cabaret artist, I have also been very active against right-wing activities and for those seeking protection since the influx of refugees in 2015. It makes me all the sadder that I have hurt others with an ill-considered statement (that was intended to be funny) and put myself in a false light. I have made a big mistake from which I will learn.

I am very sorry.

BAYERN 3 - Statement (Feb 25th, 2021):

In the show "Matuschke - der etwas andere Abend" host Matthias Matuschik expressed his personal opinion about the very successful South Korean band BTS and their cover of the Coldplay song "Fix You" during their Unplugged concert and many of you complained about it. 

It is the hallmark of this show and also of the presenter to express his opinion clearly, openly and unvarnished. But in this case, he overshot the mark in his choice of words. As a result of an attempt to present his opinion in an ironically exaggerated manner and with deliberately overdone indignation, he hurt the feelings of many BTS fans. But - as he assured us - this was in no way his intention. He only wanted to express his resentment about the above-mentioned cover version.

This is his personal opinion, regardless of the origin and cultural background of the band. You don't have to share this taste as well as the quite coarse way of expression. The history of Matthias and his actions in the past (such as his involvement in refugee aid and his on-going commitment against right-wing extremism) clearly show that xenophobia and racism in any form whatsoever could not be further from his mind. He has also tried to address this in the afore-mentioned programme, but this does not change the fact that many of you have found his statements hurtful or racist. For this we deeply apologize. We will work through the issue again in more detail with Matthias and the team in the next few days.


"Matuschke - der etwas andere Abend" - Statement (engl.)